Our vision

Corporate Vision

We have been developing in a stable, regionally searched and globally acting employer that trains teams of experts able to develop and implement comprehensive solutions for our customers.

Corporate Strategy

  • We are here to fulfil the requirements of our customers;
  • we realize that without high quality and timely delivery there is no stable future;
  • we will develop Forez BG in a role of a reliable supplier;
  • we will be safe company (OHS) for each other;
  • environmental protection is important to us.

Our Values

  • We are strong-minded … we do things that are needed, we do them correctly, straight away, faster and better than our competitors;
  • we are helpful … we help each other, share experience and reject the attitude: „Why me? Let the other guy do it.“
  • we are thoughtful … we are looking for an even better solution, even though we have seemingly reached it, or, we exert ourselves where others have failed;
  • we are disciplined … we respect the set rules and follow them regardless of  whether they are written or can “only” be logically assumed;
  • we are responsible … we do not look for short-term profits – we look for long-term partners,
  • we do not promise lifetime employment – we provide the opportunity to gain life experience.
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