Stamping Shop

Main fields of production – parts made by cold forming:

  • contacts (bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel – lamella)
  • dimensionally accurate and complex shape stampings
  • drawn shells
  • stainless parts
  • volume forming
  • tumbling
  • degreasing

Besides stamping and bending we also provide welding (spot welding), threading and riveting.

These operations can directly be integrated into combined tools.

Drawn shells can be manufactured at transfer presses with a press force of up to 4000 kN, through drawing, punching and cutting of parts of complex shape.

Cold volume forming of parts by impact and combined extrusion technologies. Manufacture of rotating parts with a diameter from 16mm to 80mm and length of up to 110mm. We also carry out small assembly work of parts with possible subsequent capillary soldering, hardening, annealing and surface finish, including cataphoretic painting, or selective surface finish of contacts (Ag, Au, Ni, Sn) delivered in endless strips on bobbins.

Materials processed:

steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper, also tin-plated or flame tin-coated copper.

Maximum thickness of the material processed is 4mm, maximum width is 600mm.

The stamping shop is equipped with presses with a press force from 10 tons up to 250 tons – press list here.

Furthermore, tumbling at the Rösler circular vibration equipment and degreasing at an automated ultrasonic line are available. The degrease grade with surface tension values of up to 40mN/m can be achieved.

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