Plastic Moulding Shop

The plastic moulding shop has overall production and storage area of 10,300 m2available at two manufacturing locations – Sázava u Lanškrouna and Lanškroun. Altogether 54 Krauss Maffei, ENGEL and Battenfeld horizontal injection moulding presses are available with the mould locking force of 30-600 tons. 3-axis Wittmann and Engel manipulators or workplaces with 6-axis KUKA robots are parts of the press equipment. In addition to the standard 1-K technology we also manufacture parts by means of 2-K and 3-K technologies.

For granulate drying macromolecular MORETO driers are used. Granulate is transported to the presses through a central distribution system.
We specialize in manufacturing of engineering parts and visually sophisticated components parts for automotive and electrical industries, including injection embedding of metallic inserts and manufacture of two-component and three-component parts.
We provide electric tests and leakage tests of parts.
We process the following materials: ABS, PA, PA 6, PA6.6, PC, PC/ABS, PBT, PP, POM, PP/EPDM, PMMA, PPS, TPE and others.
We also mount self-made or purchased parts into individually required customized assemblies at single-purpose assembly lines.

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